About Hometown Job Search

Hometown Job Search was born from the aspiration to make a contribution larger than just one person could make on his or her own.

First and foremost, it was born out of the desire to help those who are unemployed find a job.

Second, it offered our local businesses – the backbones of our communities – a break by offering a powerful, no-cost method to advertise their open jobs.

And third, it presented an opportunity to offer an effective and value-driven medium for our local businesses to reach directly to their target audience – the residents of their own towns.
Hometown Job Search is about community, regardless if your community is rural, suburban or urban.  We hope that Hometown Job Search is just one step towards a massive goal of employing everyone who is willing to work and contribute.  
If you are unemployed or looking for a new job, you have to take action, and often several actions, before things fall into place.   Check back often…you just might be surprised at the opportunities available in your own backyard or down the block.  
Our citizens, our towns – our country – work best when we’re ALL working.  Let’s do it together and put America back to work - one job, one town at a time.

A Thought For Employers

Don’t hesitate to think if you should or should not post an open job – just do it!  It’s easy and it’s fast!
In addition, we encourage you whenever possible, to consider hiring and training those that may not have all of the necessary skills you seek, but possess the willingness and motivation to learn.  Each of us had to start somewhere.